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Jan DeGrass

Arts & Entertainment, Coast Reporter.
This is a good time to talk with Sarju Sooch of Roberts Creek who runs cooking classes at his rasoi by the sea. He teaches a style of Himalayan Indian cooking … the slow kind. It is an exercise in the value of food in our lives — for our health and for our well being. Sooch also uses quality ingredients that are fresh, mostly organic.
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Cheryl & Steven Gellman
Professor Emeritus. Ottawa, ON. June 2016
We just experienced one of the best dinner parties ever! Sarju is a charming cooking instructor who has exactly the right touch for his in-home -cooking/ dining events. He is knowledgable, relaxed and capable, creating just the right ambience. It is wonderful just to be in his presence. He gently encourages people to help with the preparation while he instructs. Everyone quickly feels at home. He is a master of Indian cuisine. Because it is his own cultural background, he imparts its authenticity effortlessly. Everything is made from scratch naturally, using only the best ingredients...truly gourmet. Sarju brings all his own supplies , even his own pots and utensils. But the best part is enjoying a wonderful delicious meal together with your friends. We cannot wait to do this again with our other friends.

Jane Bulloch
Health Promoter. Sudbury, ON. June 2016
This class was a delight – we began the experience with a meditation and in no time we were laughing and wafting in the kitchen. I was pleased to learn how to use new, Indian ingredients in a very fresh, authentic way. This was the first time that I cooked with whole cumin seeds, which made all the difference. The cooking was fun and relaxing. Afterwards, we viewed some beautiful photographs from Sarju’s travels, and chatted like old friends. It was such a lovely experience, I would recommend a class with Sarju 100%.

Karen Meredith
Ottawa, ON. May 2016
It was a lovely meal and atmosphere. Sarju created a complete experience on every level. It's definitely a lot more than "just a cooking class"!

Jude Lux
Retired, Director Research and Education/Manager Health Policy. Ottawa, ON. May 2016
This cooking class and cultural adventure was intensive, informative and fun. Sarju's enthusiastic and engaging style made the time fly by and at the end of the evening I felt the warmth of the Indian spices equaled the warmth that emanated from Sarju's laughter. Well described, simple cooking steps resulted in delectable dishes and Sarju's photos of Indian people tugged at my heart strings and transported me to what seemed like another world.

Tess Rhodes
MA Candidate, Counselling Psychology. Ottawa, ON. May 2016
Sarju created a delightful cooking experience as he guided us through the preparation of delicious dishes from the Himalayan region of India. With openness and good humour, he engaged us in the cooking process and in conversations about travel and culture. The tastiness of the Baingan Bharthha in particular has stuck with me–in fact, I think I know what I’ll be making for dinner!

Olaf Boxman
Landscape Architect. Ottawa, ON. May 2016
Genoten van een enerverende en gezellige kookworkshop. Sarju is leraar, entertainer en kok tegelijk. Uiteindelijk heerlijk en pittig gegeten. Daarbij leuk om meer over zijn land en geboortestreek te horen. We've enjoyed an extraordinary and fun cooking masterclass. Sarju is teacher, entertainer and cook united in one person. We had a great and spicey meal. It's also very nice to hear and see more from his home country India and especially his birth region near the Himalayas.

Gerald Giuliani
Ottawa, ON. May 2016
What a great way to learn about Indian Cuisine. So easy and Congenial. We came, we watched, we chopped, we stirred, we smelled aroma, talked, and sipped wine, and then WE DINED!! What more can anyone possibly ask for? Thank You Sarju.

Carmen Daigle
Chef, Roberts Creek & Vancouver, BC. Mar 2016
Sarju's cooking makes you slow down and take in everything with all your senses. The aromas, the laughter, the tastes and textures - all combine for an experience that is unique and enriching. The food will make you swoon. The atmosphere will have you smiling. Sarju's skillful hand with Indian cuisine, as well as his gentle and amusing approach is such a treat to take part in.

Jackie and Graham Scott
Halfmoon Bay, BC. Mar 2016
Taking a class with Sarju is more than just an lesson in Indian cuisine: it is an meandering conversation of food, philosophy, travel, photography, customs, spirituality and friendship. It is a delightful way to spend time!

Janet Harrison
Physiotherapist, Gibsons & Vancouver, BC. 2013
I recently took an Indian cooking class at Rasoi by the Sea. The setting is stunning with the sounds and sights of the ocean to inspire conversation and creativity. Sarju was very welcoming and his relaxed and concise manner of teaching made for a delightful learning experience. The food was fabulous and I came away with new tools for cooking Indian food as well as a desire to come back again soon. A nourishing experience for the body and soul.

Paul Colver
Novelist and Writer, Parksville, BC. 2012
On a rainy February afternoon Tonja and Sarju graciously welcomed us into their home for a class in East Indian Cooking. Within minutes we were relaxed and talking over chai. Soon the kitchen was filled with the noises and smells and good vibes of full of love cooking. A day to remember. Thanks Tonja and Sarju.

Leslie Hanet
Rhône-Alpes, France. 2011
j ai eu la chance de cuisiner indienne avec sarju! il m a appris differentes recettes, toutes aussi bonnes les unes que les autres! ce fut un vrai voyage gustatif! il est patient et explique les choses vraiment simplement , et malgres mon niveau d anglais pas tres bon, j ai tout compris! on voit qu il est vraiment passionne ! et qu il a envie de transmettre son savoir, ses astuces... ce fut du bon temps! et on s est regalé!!!! thank a lot!

Retired Teacher, Roberts Creek, BC. 2011
We brought our friend from Vancouver to Sarju's as a birthday present but we all received a gift. The initial meditation helped settle us and prepare us for the experience. It was a peaceful and grounding way to begin. Over the next few hours we observed techniques, listened to stories about India and cooking, chopped and peeled veggies, rolled and stuffed dough, watched rotis and parathas puff up on the tava pans and generally put together a simple, nutritious brunch. The yogurt and Tarka dal, made by Sarju the day before with the help of our son, were delightful additions to our creations and the mango pickle added just the right touch on the plate. To make the day complete, we moved the table onto the deck to eat in the glorious sunshine while eagles flew overhead and the water sparkled like diamonds as the tide flowed in. Sarju made the first offering of food to the Universe and then we helped ourselves to fine food and enjoyable conversation. We enjoyed our time with Sarju and look forward to more opportunities to expand our repertoire. It's a great way to spend a few hours with friends."

Lynn Chiarelli
Health Consultant, One World Inc. Ottawa, ON. 2010
Mmmm...delicious! I felt so relaxed and nourished after cooking with Sarju and friends. We walked away with happy bellies and spirit, great recipes and helpful techniques that I use all the time in my cooking now, with confidence to adapt and try new variations. Thanks Sarju!

Annette Hoop
Nurse Practitioner, Sudbury, ON. 2010
I truly enjoy Indian cooking. The dahl recipes that Sarju shared with me at our cooking class is now a standard meal at my home. I had tried cooking similar meals before but didn't succeed as well. The 'how to demonstration and tips' helped me master this recipe and other similar dishes.

Brian & Loretta Woodcock
University Instructor, Vancouver Parks Commissioner, Vancouver, BC. Apr, 2010
A really fun and tasty tour of Himalayan Indian cuisine and travel together. We learned a lot – and now can appreciate the complexity of Indian spices and cooking – and the joys of tasting really good Indian cuisine with knowledge of all the individual and complex tastes coming from the masalas and the tarkas. And maybe we can do some experimenting soon too. Thanks for the culinary and cultural experience. Namaste!

Sally Williams
Actor / Theatre Arts Instructor, Gibsons, BC. Apr, 2010
What a terrific way to come back to the essence of creating meals with great care and sensory delight. The aroma's are enticing and the instructor, charismatic. Sarju has a pragmatic approach and a quick sense of humour. Go prepared to share in a unique international culinary experience. Good edible fun!

Serena Eades
Music Instructor, Gibsons, BC. Apr, 2010
Sarju's class on Chapati and Parantha was thorough, informative, and delicious! He turns a cooking class into an experience for all the senses.

Marie-Andrée Papineau
Graduate Student in Counselling and Spirituality, Ottawa, ON. Mar 2010
Que de découvertes gastronomiques! Sarju a le tour de mettre au jour le coté cuisinier habitant en chacun de nous! Il sait créer une atmosphère conviviale et relaxante qui est très propice à un apprentissage fort plaisant. Avant ma leçon je n’avais jamais même imaginé le jour ou je me ferais mon pain pour le petit-déjeuner. C’était une superbe surprise de découvrir que, non seulement je n’avais pas raté ma pâte, mais encore plus que le "Parantha" que j’avais cuisiné était un véritable délice! Toutes les mystérieuses épices indiennes dont j’ignorais même le nom se sont progressivement transformées en grains aromatiques dont la simplicité d’utilisation est contraire à l’ampleur des possibilités gustatives qu’ils présentent. Je témoigne que mon répertoire culinaire c’est vu accroitre de bien plus que des recettes de "Parantha" et "Kala Chana" … En fait, la leçon de Sarju semble avoir débuté une expansion continue de découvertes gastronomiques aux saveurs indiennes. Merci Sarju!

Lawrence Chambers
Life & Business Coach, Sechelt, BC. Jan, 2010
What a great evening we had. The food was “excellent” and we all learned a great deal about preparing your traditional dishes. We also appreciate you accommodating the larger group for dinner. Thanks also for the meditations, hats and music, which all added to the ambiance. It was indeed a very unique and special evening for everyone. We highly recommend Rasoi by the Sea.

Lawrence Chambers Photo Credit: Lawrence Chambers

Gillie & Mark Hutchison
Gibsons, BC. Jan, 2010

Sarju welcomed us into his peaceful kitchen-by-the-sea with a warm smile, a glass of water and a five minute meditation together by the log-burning stove. His personable manner invited us to chat informally about ourselves and our expectations of the cookery course. Indian music filled the rustic wooden space, and mingled with the sound of the ocean seeping in from the front deck. Sarju explained that there is no myth to Indian cookery - it has three basic steps:- the seeds, which vary from recipe to recipe; the onions, tomatoes and spices; the vegetables or daal.

The 'tarka' or base paste is cooked separately from the vegetables. He then explained his preferred use of subtle spices - ground cumin, coriander, garam masala and tumeric - saying that in most of the homes in the Indian himalayas the cuisine is not very spicy, and that hard spices such as chillies are mostly used in restaurants.

Sarju passed on his grandmother's tip to continually scoop the froth from the surface of the lentils as they boil. He deftly chopped onions, using a third for the lentils and two thirds for the tarka, saying that patience is required to allow the onions to cook to the right consistency and colour before adding the next layer of ingredients. We took turns stirring the tarka as Sarju chopped fresh tomatoes, ginger and garlic (never using pastes).

As the chicken was prepared, delicious smells began to permeate the cottage! Sarju started the second tarka base - this time using cardamon to sweeten the taste. Brown basmati rice was rinsed and put in the pressure cooker, which Sarju explained is not only a quick and economical way to cook rice, chick peas or kidney beans but also preserves the nutrients in the food. He even takes his own small pressure cooker when leading one of his hiking trips in the Himalayas - another venture of this resourceful man.

The afternoon slipped away and we noticed it was dark outside. Candles were lit and Sarju poured us an Indian Cobra beer, as we sat down to a veritable feast of lentil daal, chicken curry, kidney beans, yoghurt and papads. After dinner we reviewed Sarju's album of photographs from his hikes through the Himalayas - some as high as 5,400 metres. They showed us a glimpse of another world and we marvelled at the spectacular scenery, the undulating mountains and plunging ravines with glacial streams, the snowy peaks and mist-covered valleys, the yellow flowered pathways and flocks of sheep above the tree line. Most impressive of all were the faces of the indigenous people - the 90 year-old grandmother and pretty young grand-daughter - looking at the camera with strength and dignity, their eyes shining. Sarju had the same light in his eyes, and when it was finally time to leave, we felt a sense of gratitude for an experience that was far more than just a cookery class".

Gillie Hutchison

Photo Credit: Gillie & Mark Hutchison

Rosemary and Bill Terry
Sechelt, BC. Jan, 2010
An evening at Sarju's cottage table offers equal parts delicious food and fine conversation, with an informative trek into the cultures and cuisines of northeastern India and Tibet. Though the writers of some Tibetan guidebooks profess little enthusiasm for the dietary staple, tsampa (made of roasted, ground barley), at Sarju's table, tsampa mixed with butter tea becomes Kholak, a delicacy from the region of Ladakh in northern India - sweet, substantial and quite delectable. Sarju's own chapatis were paired with his homemade yogurt, followed by Al Yakhani, a spicey squash preparation from Kashmir; a flavourful spinach and tofu stew; and a typical, delicious Himachali dish featuring kidney beans in a well-spiced, tomato-based sauce simmered on the wood stove, which appropriately sits in the centre of his tiny, seaside home. Sharing food, conversation, friendship, it's wonderful to have Sarju, a gentleman traveller, in our midst.

Victoria Gazeley
Gibsons, BC. Jan, 2010
Thanks so much, Sarju. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and came away with lots of tidbits I can use. The way you split the cooking into 3 distinct phases was very helpful, visually, and really simplified the preparation. And the tastes! I was so suprised at the difference in flavours that came from essentially the same spices, but blended different ways. Thank you so much for a thoroughly enjoyable and educational afternoon!

Mike Hesla
Shining Sage Catering, Gibsons, BC. Dec, 2009
Dinner at Rasoi by the Sea is an enjoyable way to spend an evening. I greatfully learned authentic cooking techniques from a talented Chef. What made Sarju's class special is his personal anecdotes about India, and his teachers. As we ate, I was impressed with the meal's balance of flavors. I highly recommend everyone inquire about a class!

Beth and John
Sechelt, BC. Dec, 2009
When it comes to the palate, Sarju does not compromise on the best of ingredients. "It's a matter of priorities", he says. Sarju made us feel so at ease in his home that we found ourselves eager to learn about the differences in spices used in the North and South Indian cuisines. It was inspiring to hear about the health benefits of turmeric for example, and more inspiring to smell the aromas! - ginger, garlic, cardamon, mustard seeds, cumin, chiles, coriander, and garam masala. We were very surprised to find that our favorite dish of the evening was "baingan bhartha", made from our least liked vegetable "eggplant". A valuable experience and fun too!

Lynn and Deb
Burnaby and Gibsons, BC. Oct, 2009
Deb and I invited three of our friends and participated in Sarju's cooking class. We found it easy to follow and thoroughly enjoyed sitting around the table and eating our delicious dinner at the end while watching the sun go down and listening to Sarju's stories about the Himalayans. It was a fun filled afternoon with good friends and good food. Sarju is warm and welcoming with an infectious laugh and a passion for cooking.

Anda Carabineanu
Research Analyst, Ottawa, ON. Aug, 2009
The food that Sarju cooked was delicious, combining fresh spices and ingredients for a well balanced, nutritious meal. The flavour he created was amazing! I particularly enjoyed the lentil meal (dal) and the palak-paneer. Looking forward to new recipes from Sarju and entertaining cooking classes.

Denisa Georgescu
Tourism (Industry Canada, TTRA, University of Ottawa), Ottawa, ON. Aug, 2009
I've known Sarju for a number of years, and I was always fascinated by his travel stories, pictures from his trips and amazing personality. This summer, I got to experience another side of his talent, I was lucky to be able to taste some of his fine food. Sarju's food was delicious and tasted so different from other Indian food I've eaten before, that it transported me to a land of wonderful spices and aromas, back to his native country. I savoured all the dishes I ate that day in August, and my only regret is that I do not get to experience this food more often. Keep on going on this wonderful road that you have chosen, Sarju!

Le Lab
Community Arts Lab, Gatineau, QC. Aug, 2009
A very big THANK YOU From all the participants and staff at the Community Arts LAB!! Sarju, your generous time and knowledge you shared with us has created quite the tidal wave around the LAB. The class you taught, not only showed a new delicious meal, but also gave insight on spices and nutritional values of real affordable foods. Your time with us was most inspiring and since then, we've incorporated a cooking class at the LAB. Thanks Again.

Yvan Goulet
Geomatics Analyst, Ottawa, ON. Aug, 2009
Having been to India and eaten truly authentic indian cuisine, I can tell you that Sarju has mastered the art of such cuisine. His use of spices, ingredients and cooking techniques create an absolutely delectable meal. He uses the freshest ingredients and even makes his own cheese and yogurt. The complexity of flavors of his dishes rival some of the best indian cuisine I have had. Not only does he know his way around in the kitchen, but his great personality makes the whole cooking experience immersive and delightful. If you enjoy flavors of the east, I strongly suggest taking a class with Sarju.''

Lina L
Project Manager, Toronto, ON. Jul, 2009
What a treat! It was a great class, where I learned a lot more than expected about Indian Cooking Basics. Sarju was very knowledgeable and able to improvise in my kitchen, demonstrating his great skill. He was able to teach me how to cook Indian food very quickly without adding too much salt and/or oil, as restaurants normally would - a perfect, tasty, health-conscious meal. The skills acquired are definitely going to be used again. Thanks so much Sarju!

Jane and Sung
Healthcare Specialists, Toronto, ON. Jul, 2009
Sarju gave us a wonderful introduction to Indian cooking. We've never cooked Indian before so we didn't really know much about the spices and how they were to be used. It's a credit to Sarju's teaching and expertise that he was able to demystify Indian cuisine by explaining some simple techniques used to make authentic dishes. The whole experience was very relaxing and his life stories made it more personal. Also, his homemade yogurt recipe is fantasic and not to be missed.

Family Physician, Toronto, ON. Jul, 2009
He was a very a very dynamic and informed teacher. He inspired us all to learn the art of Indian cooking. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a personalized culinary experience.

Chris Humphrey
GIS Professional, Toronto, ON. Jul, 2009
Despite being a fan of Indian cuisine, I had always been baffled by its array of spices and cooking techniques. The most significant lesson Sarju taught me is that making exquisite Indian food can not only be easy, but fast. My most favourite dish that we prepared involved some some chopped onion, tomatoes, lentils, rice and spices. The dish was prepared with a minimal amount of time and effort. Having grown up in India, Sarju has a wealth of knowledge about these foods that North Americans are simply not exposed to. He is a great teacher and is eager to share his knowledge. I recommend him to anyone wanting to learn more about Indian food and culture.

Amy Cameron
ESOL Teacher, Boston, MA. Jul, 2009
Cooking with Sarju was so much fun!  I liked the way he helped us to adapt the palak paneer recipe to use the fresh greens and tofu we had on hand.  It was delicious!  As was the yogurt, which was suprisingly easy to make.  What was especially unique compared with other classes I have taken was the opportunity to learn about the culture and background of the dishes in the process.  Thank you!

Beth Fincke
ESL Teacher, Boston, MA. Jul, 2009
Sarju is a wonderful teacher! He was very patient with us and was great about adapting his recipes to meet our unique dietary needs. Sarju helped us gain confidence as we explored Indian cooking together. Many thanks!

Jen G.
Volunteer Coordinator, Boston, MA. Jul, 2009
I had no idea how much detail goes into Indian cooking until taking Sarju's class. The time and care with which the food is prepared is reflected by the quality of the finished product! Not only did I get to prepare and eat some great food, I learned about several new methods and ingredients I had never encountered before. A very worthwhile evening of learning and bonding with my housemates!

Kitchen by the Sea
by Jan DeGrass

Arts & E ntertainment, Coast Reporter. June, 2009
Author, Take Potluck! to the description.
Sunshine Coast, BC.

Sarju's rustic kitchen in Roberts Creek is the total experience. The setting is peaceful, like being at someone's summer cabin, and his manner is gentle and informative. His kitchen is comfortably simple—there's no fancy, expensive equipment in sight. The menus include Kashmiri lamb, dal (lentils), home made yogurt dishes, butter chicken and curries. All are recognizable as favourites to North American tastes.

The cook and teacher, Sarju Sooch, likes to take only four students at a time at his culinary school, called Rasoi by the Sea, so that each can take a turn chopping, stirring and asking questions. Later, everyone will sit around his red picnic table listening to the birds sing and enjoying the meal.

After dinner, if you like, Sarju will show his photos--another of his talents. He has spent considerable time hiking in India, stopping with hospitable families in out of the way locations. Cooking is not forgotten even when hiking through the Himalayas and he comes prepared to stop by the side of the trail and whip out his pressure cooker to make a meal. (Yes, truly…he carries it with him in a backpack. It's a necessary utensil when cooking at high altitudes.) He plans to organize cultural and hiking trips to these rugged, scenic parts of the world with the idea of designing and customizing the trips according to the needs and abilities of the visitors so that they enjoy an authentic cultural experience instead of being just a spectator.       

Sarju uses only top quality ingredients in his kitchen that are fresh, mostly organic. He learned cooking at home—his mother still makes the best paratha, he says—and the family values around good nutrition are evident. You might save money on other possessions in your life but you never skimp on food, he says.

So it is that in making the Indian dish called paneer, he tips two glass bottles of fresh, whole, organic milk into the saucepan to be reduced to one small loaf of a mild cheese. Chunks of this will be added to a paste of onion, spices and tomato then reduced considerably. Blended, cooked spinach is added to make the classic dish, spinach and cheese.

The most important ingredient is your attention, he says. He likes to have his cooking students get grounded first so that the meal is not thrown together but prepared carefully. The onions should have sufficient time to brown properly without burning and the spices should have time to mingle.  It is an exercise in the value of food in our lives—for our health and for our well being.

Roberts Creek, BC. May, 2009
The food that Sarju cooked for us was absolutely delicious, and completely home-made - he even made the paneer itself from actual milk!  The rich, creamy complexity of the flavors was balanced by perfectly rendered rice, and even served with an authentic Indian pale ale for the adult participants!

Lilian Chaubet
Architecture Student, France. May, 2009
Sarju is primarily a person of great generosity and its foods preparations feels it, experiences it ... I think I'm a new worshiper of Indian cuisine. So now if I hear that the French cuisine is the best, you take the risk that I me turn into Shiva deity of destruction ... Seriously, now I will slip by more time exploring the colors, combinations, smells of Indian cuisine.
So, put your best foot forward at Rasoi by the sea and Bon appétit!!

Keith Shaw
Professional Photographer and Arts Teacher, Roberts Creek, BC. Apr, 2009
"Sarju's cooking is a treat to be treasured: one that is simply delicious."

Kelly Woods
Sommelier/Restaurant Manager, Sunshine Coast, BC. Apr, 2009
"Sarju's cooking is a feast for the senses. The deep flavours of classical Indian cooking, but brighter someone. The most lively dahl we had ever had. That said, is it the seasoning or the gracious hospitality that added such a flavour of joy?"

Alix Bacon
Certified Sexual Health Educator, Vancouver, BC. Apr, 2009
I have dabbled in Indian cooking for several years but have never been able to make anything that tasted remotely authentic.  Sarju’s class identified some of the missing links including an introduction to homemade yogurt and the basic paste for making Indian dishes. Sarju is also a very charming host and our class was a cultural experience complete with a narrated viewing of Sarju’s fantastic photography of the Himalayan region of India.  I would not hesitate to recommend his classes.

Lawyer, Sechelt, BC. Mar, 2009
Sarju's cooking class was a great exposure to preparing - and savouring - Indian cuisine. He was well-organized yet easy-going and commented on ingredients (particularly spices) and techniques as they were used. His commentary on Indian dining customs while we dined added much dimension to a fabulous evening. Thank you, Sarju! –

Semi-retired Gas Field operator, Sechelt, BC. Mar, 2009
Sarju was raised in India and his family loved to cook. Thank you, Sarju, for the opportunity to sample authentic Indian cooking. The company was great and the meal was delicious.

Juraj Farkas
Ph.D, Researcher at Harvard University, Boston, MA. Mar, 2009
Thanks for stopping by in Boston and showing me and my wife the basics of the Indian cuisine. I really enjoyed the vegetarian recipes for 'yellow dhal' and especially for the 'palak paneer' (spinach and cheese/tofu), which was delicious and healthy at the same time. Also for someone like me with a little knowledge on indian spices, it was a great experience to see the variety of ingredients used in common Indian dishes including cumin, coriander, tumeric and the ever-present garam masala. Mixing them together and preparing a base-paste for the dishes was something that one needs to see with own eyes, as the online recipes can be many times so confusing and filled with exotic names you've never heard of or seen before. So that was definitely worth it. Finally, preparing the home-made yogurt that we used in the dishes was a good practice, and I am trying to convince myself to do this more routinely, as the benefits are definitely worth the effort. But right now all those live cultures are waiting for an action in a freezer... So thanks again!

Sybrand Kamermans
Buddhist Meditator, Vancouver, BC (on her way to New Zealand). Feb, 2009
Spending time in the kitchen with Sarju has unleashed a culinary creativity in this being that has apparently been buried beneath years of repeated recipes. It never occurred to me that I could produce, or pronounce for that matter, an authentic Indian dish, and yet now I do both with relative ease and extreme enjoyment! I would recommend taking lessons from Sarju to anyone who is interested in exploring and expanding their own abilities. Observing his attentiveness and care in the kitchen and being a part of the process is a fantastic opportunity to cultivate ones own passion for cooking. To participate in the preparation of a meal alongside someone so genuinely enthusiastic about what he is doing really is a most excellent way to learn.

Lyne Lantaigne
Registered Yoga Instructor and Therapist, Roberts Creek, BC. Feb, 2009
I've had the pleasure of tasting various vegetarian dishes, and a lamb dish that Sarju had prepared. Each one of them was unique. The spices he uses create complex and subtle flavours that are exquisite. Eating Sarju's food creations is like visiting one exotic place after another. The textures, smells, colours, and tastes combine to surprise and delight you, each in its unique way. You must allow yourself the pleasure of Sarju's memorable cooking..

Carrie Sasaratt
A busy health minded Mom, Roberts Creek, BC. Feb, 2009
Cooking with Sarju has given me a great introduction to the fundamentals of Indian cuisine. I've always been somewhat restricted to recipes with Indian dishes but Sarju has helped open up more freedom and creativity in developing my own blends of spices and ingredients. Learning to make the basic "paste" has given a foundation and depth of flavour to the dishes that I hadn't managed before! Making Indian yogurt at home is a real treat rounding out the dishes with an authentic comparison to our heavy western yogurt! Sarju has also introduced me to cooking with a pressure cooker which really enhances flavour, nutrient preservation and is very energy efficient. I really appreciate how relatively simple, nutritious and inexpensive these dishes are to make and how they've expanded my vegetarian repertoire and the quality of my family's diet. Thank you Sarju!


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